Steve Elles-Goldsmith – Website Weight Gain Program™ Inventor

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Steve Elles-Goldsmith looking uncomfortable in a three piece suit

I’ve been writing for websites since way back in 1997. I have a degree in advertising and 20 years experience as a copywriter across TV, Radio, Brochure and of course the Internet. I have also trained hundreds of people in the art of creating good websites since 2006.
The Website Weight Gain Program™ is a best practice system for creating search engine friendly websites. This content writing system has been in development for a number of years and we have now perfected it – which is why we’d like to offer our formula to you.
I have a great team of people from heavyweight writers to some of the most talented developers and designers I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.
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Matt Lansom – Head of Development

This was a picture of Matt Lansom. If you are blind or sight impaired please take it from us, he is a good looking guy.

Matt Lansom is one of those few web developers you can hold a decent conversation with.

I have a first class honours degree in computing and was Steve’s Head of Development at the famed ORCA Websites Ltd. I’ve built and supervised hundreds of websites over the last seven years.
After spending 18 months travelling I was invited to join the Website Weight Gain Program™ to build the Content Management System. Naturally, I jumped at the opportunity because I know just how good this website writing system is and this gave me the opportunity to embrace a fantastically ambitious technical challenge as well as being able to avoid all the pitfalls and weaknesses I see with other, more limited and antiquated CMSs.
This has been the chance to build the most advanced and innovative content management system available on the market.
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Simon White – Head Of Content

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Simon White – International Award Winning Copywriter and Creative Director

I have been copywriting across all major media channels for over 20 years now and have been a Creative Director for around 10 years.
It’s amazing how 2012’s Google updates have brought good quality website writing back into the spotlight and with the Website Weight Gain™ system we are producing really great web pages and articles that do so well on the search engines, even we are surprised by the results. Because we have such strong advertising backgrounds we comfortably fit in with all the other stuff you are doing, like telly, radio, billboards etc. It means that your website always feels part of the family rather than an after thought.

Chris Jordan – Design Manager

Black & white photo of Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan, heavyweight designer and also runs his own racehorse retraining school

I have been a digital graphic designer by discipline for 20 years now. I was Head of Digital at GMG Radio and also UTV Radio. Steve and I have worked together before and we had the pleasure of seeing eye to eye on the way things should be. When I discovered that Steve had started the Website Weight Gain Program™ I asked to join the team as soon as possible because I know a good idea when I see one. My team of designers and I passionately believe that the best websites are not just for large multinationals – rather, anyone can have the best if they get the right advice and guidance… and that’s what we do.