About The Weight Gain Program&#153 Website Content Formula

The Website Weight Gain Program™ is a carefully devised, academic website content formula. It is a structured way of adding content to your website to gain you lots of Google brownie-points as well as genuinely giving your customers the information they crave, at their finger tips.

Question: I still haven’t got a clue what it is! What is it?

Answer: OK. It is a proven, effective ALTERNATIVE to Search Engine Optimisation.

Question: I get that but so what?

Answer: You have heard that CONTENT IS KING. The Website Weight Gain is the King of Content.

Question: Again… so what?

Answer: It means you don’t have to spend as much as SEO to get more robust, long-term results.

Question: How?

Answer: Google have specific guidelines on how websites should be written. We follow those guidelines.

Question: Don’t SEO agencies do that?

Answer: No they do not. They cheat.

Question: What’s wrong with cheating?

Answer: Google rapidly slams the door on the loopholes so your SEO agency has to constantly find new and expensive ways to cheat.

Question: Why is that a problem?

Answer: Because it costs more than the Website Weight Gain Program™ and Google is getting smarter by the day. Our formula is proven to produce stable search engine results at a fraction of your SEO budget.

Question: How does your formula work?

Answer: And there is the six million dollar question. You have asked enough questions. It is time to talk but if you are feeling like you can go with a meatier read, check out the information below.


This alternative optimisation plan will overcome the financial problems you get with traditional Search Engine Optimisation.

A Website Weight Gain Program™ will build up your website to its true potential. If you have ever found yourself wondering how many pages your website should have then herein lies your biggest weakness. Great performing websites are as large as they need to be. Think for a moment how many years of experience lie within your business. now look at your website. Does it really reflect that expertise? The answer is usually “no”.