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Website Weight Gain™ Knowledge

Living and breathing your business

There’s nothing worse than reading a website that feels like it’s been written by someone who hasn’t got the first clue what they are talking about. Four decades ago the most famous advertising copywriter of all time (David Ogilvy) pointed out that you couldn’t engage a customer unless you immersed yourself in the products and services as well as understanding exactly who the customer is.

Using your competitors’ weak writing against them

You can see this in action when you visit a website and it refers to the company in the Third Person Perspective. Websites that refer to their business as “they” and “them” somehow feel amateur and dishonest. They also make customers feel as though you couldn’t be bothered to build a decent website that they will find useful. At the most basic level this could be one of the reasons why your website may be performing badly. Most of the time your competitors have a website that is full of these schoolboy errors and this represents a major opportunity for you when you use the Website Weight Gain Program&#153.

The problems with outsourcing to US, Indian and Mexican Content Sweatshops

In advertising it has always been essential for writers to know “a little about a lot”. However, when it comes to your business and what it specialises in, your website requires completely the opposite approach. The writer must demonstrate an in depth knowledge about what you do and why it benefits people. A well written website is a 24 hour hotline showcasing just how good you are for the job. It is also the most amazing receptionist or sales assistant you are ever likely to have. If you use the cheap end Copy Chop Shops you may well get a web page written for only $12 but there is no research conducted and often these agencies use “spinning” programs to rewrite someone else’s content – often very badly. Google is developing advanced algorythms right now to identify these cheating techniques. Gossip suggests that these websites will plummet down the search engines within the next 12 months and it will take months, possibly years, to claw back your search engine position.

If your website reads like a flaky salesperson then no wonder it performs badly. The Website Weight Gain Program™ corrects this online weakness and allows your business to compete effectively, even on a global scale.