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Website Weight Gain Program™ Services

Copywriting Services from the Website Weight Gain Team Exciting training courses for seo, website writing and cms know how from the website weight gain team Content Management System with in built real-time website weight gain formula Content Marketing Services from the Website Weight Gain Team Consulting Services from the Website Weight Gain Team

About The Services Covered By The Website Weight Gain Program™

Leaving Your Web Content Footprint On The Internet

The Internet is a really big place these days with billions of web content pages being crawled by search engines every single second. Even if all you are only interested in the people in your own country, there are still millions of people online looking for products and services from companies and organisations like yours. But the reality is that you must still compete for attention with rivals who are local, national and global. Many of these competitors are in the same boat as you and struggle to develop those all important new customer relationships. Let’s face it, there are thousands, perhaps even tens of thousands of them. But it only takes fifty or so companies to do it really well and you just won’t even get on the leaderboard. Add to that the fact that many companies choose to cheat the search engines with unsanctioned seo techniques and you can forget just plodding along when it comes to your web content and online marketing. The only way to beat these companies and gain a higher listing is to be BETTER than them. And this is not hard because, when it comes to good website content, they usually leave lots of doors wide open for you to exploit. The Website Weight Gain Program™ offers a range of copywriting services designed to undermine the weaknesses of your major competitors. It also beats weak, flimsy practices of the vast majority of SEO Agencies in order to gain you a genuine search engine position based on credibility.

Copywriting Services

You need to be in several places at once

A whole range of web content copywriting services available to you Having a presence on the Internet that gets you noticed is not just about having a website with good web content these days. Your website is merely a focal point, somewhere for customers to check you out via the privacy of their own laptop or smartphone. Many businesses don’t just employ sales staff to sit around in the shop all day waiting for a customer to breeze in… actually, many do but they won’t be around in twenty years time so let’s ignore that flawed business model for now.

Get Out And Meet People

Most businesses expand their customer base by getting out there to meet new people. That may be something as simple as the Managing Director/Owner playing golf on a Sunday with some potential new contacts, or perhaps attending an event like the local fayre or an exhibition. The Internet is no different. There are many places for your business to be seen and all of these “touchpoints” require exceptional writing if you are to get noticed. With the Website Weight Gain™ formula behind you, new customers are just around the corner. Ask us about our range of Copywriting Services today.


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Training Courses

It Is OK To Do It Yourself If You Know What You Are Doing

An amazing range of training courses based on the website weight gain program One of the reasons we put the Website Weight Gain Program™ together was because it was clear many people needed help and advice in getting their web content up to scratch. Unfortunately most web companies will either charge you a fortune for deeply technical training or they will just leave you to get on with it. There is usually very little lay-man support. If your head of IT has ownership of the website then the chances are your sales and marketing will find themselves in a fractious relationship with them.


As for SEO agencies, well they exploit these internal weaknesses and sit back raking in the cash whilst they do very little real work. Our training programs are designed to give you the confidence to take the wheel and get back to driving your own website.

Learning The Basics

Your Content Management System is being used badly. We guarantee this is the case and we will show you how to use it properly so you don’t get screwed over by SEO agencies looking for cheap and easy pickings. We will show you the basics of SEO which, in actuality, have little to do with commercial search engine optimisation. In fact, they have more to do with good writing and filling in forms correctly – that’s it! We will show you how to plan your web content and how to go about creating a content strategy. And, of course we will be delighted to show you the secrets of the website writers so you can allow your inner creativity to help your company shine on the Internet. All this is wrapped up in an exciting series of informal one day training programs where we will show you how it is done. We even sit down for some personal one to one tuition.


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Unique Content Management System

Web Content Is Not Just About Typing Some Words On A Page

Discover why our CMS is the most important addition to your web content strategy Most people’s CMS’s are only about half full. You might think that you’ve done everything that you need to but you haven’t. Just because your web content displays well on a website browser doesn’t mean you have finished the job. Your website requires more information in order to communicate properly with a search engine.


You also have probably not done everything you can for the disabled community. These are important issues that you must deal with because Google views it as laziness when you don’t “fill in all the blanks”. Obviously a search engine is going to rank a “belts and braces” website higher than a flimsy one.


Our Content Management System Holds Your Hand

At last someone has produced a CMS that won’t let you publish web content unless you have done it properly…. that someone is US! Our Content Management System comes with the Website Weight Gain™ built in as standard.

The Most Important CMS On The Market Today

In 2012 Google made some changes that mean if your web content is not up to standard, no amount of SEO (dodgy or ethical) will get you higher up the listings. You absolutely must have decent quality content and our CMS is the only one in the market that provides this. Coupled with our superb training programs you can fire your website up with our formula every single day, turning you from small fry to big hitter in no time.


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Already Got A CMS? No Problem!

The formula for the Website Weight Gain Program™ is also available for license as a plugin. Our development team will work with you to ensure that your content management system is working to its fullest potential. If your company lacks the skills base to either write good web content or to supervise its production then this plugin is an essential addition. It is the closest thing you will get to realtime Quality Control without having to employ a very expensive web content editor.


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Content Marketing Services

It’s Not Just About Ads You Know!

Web Content Marketing Done The Website Weight Gain Way When the Internet was fairly new many people marketed their web content in the form of display ads. The most common form was a banner which pretty soon proved itself to be totally ineffective. A load of people wasted a lot of money on them. Other forms of display advertising are Leaderboards, Message Plus Units (MPU’s), Skypscrapers, Super Skyscrapers and Homepage Take-overs (HPTO’s)… here is the Wikipedia page that explains all the formats. These are still very much in use today and, when used well, provide great results. But recently, mainly due to the demise of printed press and magazines, the need for really trustworthy and useful editorial web content has become an essential part of your marketing mix. This old-style word of mouth type advertising is enjoying a resurgence under the name of Content Marketing.

Offering Your Opinions And Advice Where They Are Required

The Website Weight Gain Program™ is all about creating a manageable and potent web content strategy that gets you in front of your customers in an informal and natural way – very much as you might find in a traditional magazine article. This is a very effective form of marketing that has been around for about 100 years and has proven itself to work. Unlike advertising, Web Content Marketing tends to stay on the Internet indefinitely so the amount of marketing you have out there just gets bigger and bigger over time. As you can imagine, the more opportunities people have to read about you in an non-intrusive and helpful environment, the more likely they will do business with you.


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Website Consultants

Send In The Troubleshooter!

Website Consultants Who Really Understand Web Content Many companies don’t have the web content know-how to identify exactly where they are going wrong. That’s OK, it isn’t your fault, we might be nearly twenty years into the Internet but it has moved so fast that keeping up is a real problem. Most companies do not have the skills in house to make the most of their website and and marketing around it. These skills are typically expensive and if you are getting it cheap, the chances are you are talking to an ex Yellow Pages rep with all the website marketing knowledge of a two year old.


Writers, on the other hand, are used to not being paid well but we also really know our stuff. So we put the Website Weight Gain Program™ together to show everyone else how it should be done. You can have a “face to face” (in person, phone or Skype) with one of our Website Consultants who will listen, assess and show you where you are going wrong.

The Man (or Woman) With A Plan!

Advice should not cost you anything. But it does. So the least we can do is make that advice affordable and life-changing. Our consultants will put you a web content strategy together based on what you can realistically afford and achieve – anything else would be sheer bunkum – and we leave that to the SEO Agencies.


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