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Website Consultants

Website Problems? You Are Not Alone! That’s Why We Have Website Consultants!


A Common Story To Website Consultants

It is very rare that our website consultants speak to someone who hasn’t had a problem with the people who built their website. Mostly this is because we expect to be dealing with marketing types when in fact we are dealing with a person who is more like a software engineer. They are a particular type of person; highly analytical and very focused. Not usually a good communicator and often their project management skills are not great.

Mostly we are talking about smaller agencies here or even one-man-bands although even some of the bigger agencies have a shocking track record in customer service.


A New Industry

Website Development is still a relatively new industry and probably the only one not to experience the recession. Because web agencies are still very much “making hay while the sun shines” it means they have never had to learn the importance of fanatically good service because there is always a constant stream of customers.


Project Deadlines Missed

What you may have found is a frustrating web build project that ran over budget and missed the launch deadline. It may surprise you to learn that your understanding and expectations of websites may have been a factor in this – although it certainly is NOT your fault, it is THEIR job to manage and help you. The reality is that much of the industry has not yet found its feet and this is why website consultants are so important.


Communication Problems

Often we have after thoughts when it comes to websites and, once launched, want to change this and that. This is perfectly normal. However, as soon as a website is launched the profit margin in helpful support is very slim and this is why you can often feel that you are banging your head against a brick wall… because you have become an inconvenience.


We Get Things Back On Track

We are often called in to troubleshoot on a website that is not going to plan. Websites that launch late put people’s jobs at risk and can go frighteningly over budget. Because we have supervised and built hundreds of websites we will consult for you and liaise with your web people to make sure everything gets back on track.