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Content Marketing

When Content Marketing Is Done Well It Drives New Customers

Do not make the mistake of allowing your SEO Agency to conduct your content marketing. It is a completely different discipline. Often a search engine optimisation company will suggest this to you as part of their service but all they are doing is commissioning a 3rd party sweatshop or low cost PR agency to produce very poor quality off-site articles and features that are stuffed with keywords and spammy links. This practice is extremely dangerous and could result in you being blacklisted by Google – basically a death sentence. We have 20 years experience producing high quality content across all sorts of media from TV, Radio and Press to Websites, Blogs and New Sites.

What Exactly IS Content Marketing?

You are going to hear this term being banded around a lot. If you are unsure what it is here is a simple explanation:

Content Marketing is about getting useful or entertaining media (articles, videos, faqs, forum answers, infographics etc) out onto the Internet where your potential customers are browsing. It is old school advertising with a fresh new face.

Here at the Website Weight Gain Program™ we provide Content Marketing for some of the biggest national and International companies. We fanatically believe that this level of expertise should always be available and affordable for any size of business.

You can either choose to have us develop and produce a Content Marketing Plan for you. Or we can work with your in house team to develop a strategy you can work yourselves.

If you would like us to troubleshoot your current content marketing or if you are completely new to it just give us a shout and let’s have a chat over a nice cup of tea… or over Skype if you are on the other side of the planet.