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Website Weight Gain Program™ Training Courses

Training From The Basics of Organic SEO to How To Structure Your Website Content

Content Writing Training with added Website Weight Gain The Essential Basics of Organic Search Engine Optimisation CMS Training Content Strategy Training

If there is one thing we do really well at Website Weight Gain™ it is organic SEO

In fact the very basic of the Website Weight Gain Program™ is “best practice” which is the foundation of all organic SEO. Don’t let anyone ever tell you different. From the structure and architecture of the coding in a website to the way the words are laid on the page there is a right way and a wrong way to do things. But there is also such a thing as “half measures”. To use some obvious turns of phrase, Website Weight Gain™ is about ticking (checking if you are reading in the USA) every box, crossing all the T’s and dotting all the I’s. Websites and Search Engines are essentially software. When you speak to software correctly, it behaves well for you. Unfortunately most SEO use cheating techniques to get around the problem that your website has been poorly put together (often just from a content point of view).

Teaching You What We Know To Get You Stronger Organic SEO Results

Contrary to popular belief, the organic listings on search engines are more stable than you think. Whilst there can be a lot of movement around the top spots, most websites that have demonstrated best practice in the way the site is built, the way the words and information are inputted and have demonstrated good subject knowledge, tend to stay in similar positions. This is why Wikipedia is usually at the top, along with Universities and Colleges (.ac’s), as well as Government Websites (.gov’s). Because we are all professional writers we understand the differences between these websites and what we personally would call “flimsy commercial websites”. Our training programs are designed to open your eyes to the way websites are supposed to be written so you can begin to enjoy the more stable positions that well structured websites deserve.

Content Writing Training

Our Content Writing Training will turn any novice into a confident web writer This is our most popular course. From marketing departments to sales and retail many people like to take charge of their brand image and are no strangers to writing content for leaflets and brochures. They are aware that websites require a slightly different approach and are eager to learn to better structure a visitor’s journey to improve the customer experience (known in the industry as user experience or UXE). It is also becoming more and more apparent that website content is the single most important element.
For a long time people have known that “Content Is King” but only recently has it become an imperative. Our one day training course will show you how it is done so you can write your website with confidence.


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Basic Organic SEO Training

Organic SEO Training For Beginners As we mentioned above, the trick to being more stable in a more “correct” search engine position is to understand the essential basics of organic SEO and how they are achieved through your approaches to best practice web content production. That sounds like a big mouthful but actually it is very, very simple. Organic listings are the ones you find below the sponsored links. In other words the adverts. You normally find the ads at the very top of the search engine (normally no more than three at a time). They look almost exactly like the normal listings but can be identified by the fact that the background may be a slightly off-white colour (in Google’s case, a very light pink – try angling your screen to to see it). Whilst these Pay Per Click sponsored listings provide some good results for businesses, the vast majority of people feel that a more honest and accurate answer to their search query is found in the “natural” or “organic” listings. This is why Google defends them so fiercely and punishes bad SEO practice so ruthlessly. Our one day training course will teach you how to strengthen your organic seo listings. When you have these essential basics you will be unstoppable.


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CMS Training

CMS Training the Website Weight Gain Way If you have a content management system then you already have all the tools you need to achieve higher organic seo rankings – FACT! However, the chances are, you don’t really know you way around your system. This is almost certainly not your fault. Often websites are delivered by developers with no instruction manual and no training. Another common story is that the person who drives the website in your company has left and the skills have not been replaced. Worse still, perhaps you only have one person in your company that can update the website but they are slow to react, don’t understand your marketing requirements and feel threatened by additional involvement. If you don’t have in-house content management system support then perhaps your web agency is slow and expensive whenever you require changes. But the reality is that if you can use a word processor, you can definitely update your website. Get back in charge, lower your costs and increase your customers with our one day content management system training.


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Content Strategy Training

Content Strategy Training By The Website Weight Gain Writers Often the reason that companies have such a poor level of content is because the scope of writing to get higher organic seo results can seem enormous. This is a fiction created by your own fear and it will be the first thing we change during the content strategy training day. When you have a website you must NEVER attempt to do more than is achievable with the man hours you have available.It will only result in you achieving absolutely nothing at all. We will take you through what is needed to create a manageable roll out of content. We will cover your website’s growth as well as how to use other parts of the Internet and Social Media to increase the size of your Web Footprint. You will be astonished how easily a little bit here and there will make a big difference. You will also be surprised how to discover a few minutes every day or week that you never knew you had. A good content strategy helps you to be a genuine competitor on the world wide web and how to discover the benefits of the big fish – small pond approach rather than the misery of the Internet “bun fight“.


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