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CMS Training

CMS Training Puts You In Charge Of Your Company Website

Our CMS Training Shows You How Much More Your Website Is capable Of

CMS Training the Website Weight Gain Way Your CMS Does Far More Than You Thought. Here at the Website Weight Gain Program™ we are staggered by the numbers of customers we speak to who have never received any training from their Web Company. In fact, many people didn’t even get a User Guide with their new Content Management System. How can any company seriously expect to operate without a trained workforce?

Don’t misunderstand us, there are a few website companies out there that do offer training but usually the cost is so prohibitive that it often feels like a sting in the tail; especially after the cost of building the website in the first place.


I Can’t Be Bothered Reading Anymore, Just Call Me About Your CMS Training!

CMS Training by Web Developers Can Be Too “Tecky”

Realistically, one of the major reasons companies choose not to commission any CMS training is because of the strange relationship they discovered with highly intelligent and usually very obtuse web developers. Company owners don’t feel these are the right people to train their team. They also often have little or no training experience and are difficult to communicate with.

Easy to understand and informal CMS Training

We have been training people on Content Management Systems since 2006 and know exactly how to make it easy and fun. In just one day of training you will be astounded by what your CMS can do. This means that you can keep a lot more of your website in-house without having to turn to your web company. It also means you can react faster, so if you need to get that all important sales offer up on to the website, you now can… the same day!

CMS Training for any Content Management System

Because we have such a vast experience of various different Content Management Systems we can offer this eye opening training program up to anyone with a CMS. You don’t just have to have our own Website Weight Gain™ CMS. It doesn’t matter how old or new your system is, we will help you discover the true potential of your website as well as providing genuine skills improvement for your team.

Understanding Your CMS Puts You In Control Of Your Online Marketing

CMS Training is perfect for anyone who has just launched a website or any company that needs to make sure its workforce are all using the Content Management System in the same way. Weak links in terms of the people updating your website can seriously undermine your online image. Our training program will ensure that your website always feels “right”. CMS training is a semi-technical training day, not dissimilar to learning Word For Windows or Powerpoint. We have other training days to compliment our CMS training such as “The Essential Basics of SEO“, “Content Strategy” and “Content Writing Training“. If you are a Human Resources Manager or Director and are looking for an appropriate staff development scheme for employees who work on your website then this is the perfect answer and we can help you put a structured training program in place.


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