Content Strategy

When devising a content strategy, how many pages should a website have?

This is the most common question asked by business owners… and it is a fair and valid question. Usually the content strategy and number of pages is decided upon by the website designer and the salesperson. This is because the number of pages directly affects the price you pay. However, if you have been provided with a content management system then your website should have the facility for you to add as many pages as you like… after it has been launched.

In our experience the more, well written pages, a website has the better. If you are struggling to decide how many pages your website should launch with then your website designer is failing you. What is required before you move into the design stages, is a content strategy. This involves the content writers exploring the history of your company and the range of skills and services you have to offer. You will then be provided with a Content Launch Strategy along with an ongoing Content Development Plan for the first 12 months. If this is not happening then you are launching a weak website and therefore need to adjust your expectations as to how it will perform on the search engines. Don’t worry if this is the situation you find yourself in. Just speak with us and we’ll get you back on track immediately.

If you are of the mind that you only have a couple of seconds to grab someone’s attention and therefore should not have lots and lots of content on your website then WAKE UP! The Intenet is different to the traditional forms of marketing you are used to. You need to remember that people are using search engines because they are looking for you. They are also searching for the best company to buy from. Do you seriously expect a customer to choose you when there are other companies out there that have taken the time to put a content strategy together and be as helpful as possible? Here at the Website Weight Gain Program™ we care passionately about giving any size of business a web presence that genuinely reflects everything good about your company – rather than something that was thrown together because “everyone else has got a website”.