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Content Writing Training

How To Write Lots Of Useful Website Content

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Our Content Writing Training will turn any novice into a confident web writer

Did you know that most people put off writing their websites because they have never received any content writing training and therefore don’t know where to start? Let’s face it, for many of us it has been decades since we left education. That means it has been decades since you wrote your last essay. No wonder you are struggling! Outside of the copywriting industry this is called “writer’s block”. Many of us professional writers refer to it as “fear of the blank sheet of paper”. People who write commercially are quite simply not allowed to have writer’s block. We are usually up against a deadline and “I couldn’t think of anything” is not acceptable. That’s why we have a series of techniques we use so that the second we sit down, we can start writing.

Anyone with GCSE (High School) English and above can attend content writing training

It is a common misconception that you need to be talented to write well. Let us be sure to make this distinction with you right here and know. Writing well and competently is about knowing good information structure. Conversely, writing with individuality and a high level of creativity takes flair and this is something that you are either naturally talented at or you have had to work long and hard at. To write great website content you do not have to be the next Man Booker Prize winner. You just need a solid and confident approach to writing about the subject areas that surround your business… and all of that you already have inside your head. For the average small to medium sized business, you can allow your nervousness of writing to a vibrant brand cloud your thoughts when it comes to setting words down on the page. Writing to a heavily stylised “tone of voice” is not something that suits every business unless you are Innocent Smoothies. For the average business, their customers are merely looking for honest, straightforward information that reads like it was written by a real person, not a robot.

Our Content Writing Training Will Fill You With Confidence

Speak with any writer and they will tell you that it is better to write a page of utter rubbish than nothing at all. And they are correct. Sadly, as can often be the case with writers, there is a subtext to that statement… in other words it has a hidden meaning. What the writer is trying to tell you is that confidence is the true barrier to good writing. Not worrying about the quality of your writing until it is on the page for you to sit back and review objectively is the biggest skill you will learn. It is astonishing how many people’s floodgates open the moment they break through this mental barrier. Our one day training program will show you how to plan your website content. How to structure your thoughts and how to write great, honest website content that makes your company look great. It will also have you leaving the day floating on a cloud of confidence. Most people don’t realise just how much they are capable of writing until they discover their “inner voice”. The popular saying goes: “everyone has a book in them”. But perhaps the modern day truth of this is that everyone has a great website in them. We will unlock your potential.



Let’s Talk About Content Writing Training!


Why our content writing training is so superior

We have turned what we learned as highly successful online writers into a content writing training formula

We have spent 7 years developing the perfect best practice writing service for the Internet. Over that period we noticed that websites that used our formula ranked just as well on the search engines as rival websites that were spending a fortune on top SEO software. Online writing these days is about ensuring you have the best possible experience for your website visitors but you must also be mindful of all seo secrets. Our content writing training is jam packed full of seo copywriting tips as well as all the necessary inspiration and structure you need to create memorable and high ranking web content.

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