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SEO For Beginners

Learning the essential basics of SEO is easy

SEO For Beginners PDF Free 10 page download guide

SEO Is Easy When You Know How

Organic SEO Training For BeginnersBecause no one has ever shown you SEO for beginners, you are probably not aware that most Search Engine Optimisation agencies have such an easy ride over the first 3 months of your relationship. They will make you think they have moved heaven and earth to improve your listings. But, usually, you are blissfully unaware that they have sat back and merely corrected a series of simple schoolboy errors on your website because you don’t know the basics of SEO. Help yourself to the free pdf download guide just there on the right . Please also have a read through this entire training services section where you will discover a range of training programmes designed to educate you on the secrets behind our Website Weight Gain™ content and web writing formula that blows expensive SEO Agencies out of the water.


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Learning about page structure to keep Google happy

If you think back to your school days you may remember that your teachers used to encourage you to write an essay plan. This was a way of structuring your thoughts so you could write something that had a sensible and easily to read flow. Believe it or not, search engines like you to do the same thing with your on page seo. There are two reasons for this:


  1. So that your website visitors have a quick and easy reading experience.
  2. To make it easy for their Search Bots to crawl your website and make decisions about the quality.



The Secrets of SEO in an easypeasy 1 day training program

Discover the secrets of seo for beginnersOur training day will expose these simple truths so you can ensure your website is living up to its full potential, without a large monthly SEO budget. If your website has a content management system we will show you how to “fill in the blanks” with all the correct keywords and phrases that seem so elusive.


What Might A Typical Training Day Include?

Here is a basic overview of our seo for beginners training. We are not going to give you the full details because our Website Weight Gain Program™ content formula is top secret and will only be shared with our clients.

Understanding Google’s Definition of a Good Website

There are a million and one different descriptions of a good website but when it comes to search engines there is only one definition that you need to know… the one that defines the Website Weight Gain Program™

Headings and Their Importance

A search engine looks for well thought out and reasoned structure to your content. It is also the basis of good “user experience”. Understanding how people read websites and what they need to see will have a profound effect on the way you approach your content.


The W3C have very tight guidelines on the concept of accessibility. In other words, ensuring that “everyone” can have a great experience on your website. Inclusiveness is the very spirit of the Internet which is why all the most accessible websites are also the best performing.

Keywords and Keyphrases

How to truly understand how to play the search engine optimisation game learning about Google’s keyword tools and analysis software. In one day you can take your business from little fish in a big ocean to big fish in a small pond… it works every time!


And a whole load more other TOP SECRET stuff!!!

The basics of SEO are nothing more than best practice. However, because they can add time to the writing of your website, many people choose to overlook these all important additions. We will show you how you can ensure that your web pages are written to the highest possible Search Engine Optimisation standards without having to employ an outside agency.

Confident Employees Write Great Web Content Because They Know SEO For Beginners


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