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Some Sneaky Peek Summaries Of Our Copywriting Services

Website Writing

A seriously good website writing service Over the years we were always surprised when customers thought that their website had too many pages. It was a tell tale sign that they didn’t get how the Internet works or how people use websites. In their minds the pages were merely obstacles to a sale, or email or phone call. But website pages are not a load of empty boxes stacked up in a dirty alley to prevent a customer (in this case a 1970s film analogy of the classic speeding car) from making contact. THEY ARE ALREADY IN CONTACT!

They have already landed on your website and have a ton of questions. If you do not answer them or if you do not convince your visitors that you are a credible and genuine business, you have lost them. You have a duty to your customers to produce a website that is a library of everything they need to know about you. That is it. That is all you have to do. The Website Weight Gain Progam™ fleshes out your website to its true size potential giving it gravity for the search engines to see and ensuring that a customer never has cynical questions that remain unanswered. You do this and your phone will start to ring – GUARANTEED!


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