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Blog Article Writing

Blog article writing ensures your company has a human face on the Internet

What the hell is a blog anyway?

If you are reading this and are a little bemused by blogs let’s just stop for a brief description of what exactly a blog is and why blog article writing is so important. A blog is a “Weblog” hence the shortened nickname “blog”. It is like the Captain’s Log in Star Trek. If you are not a geek then you may be happier with the description that a blog is essentially a diary that people write regularly. It is published for everyone online to see. Blogs can be as obvious as a daily “dear diary” style feature or designed to offer personal opinions and expertise about a particular subject. They are usually designed to be completely the opposite of “corporate”. Rather, they are an honest and open face of either the people who work in your company. Some blogs are completely independent and well known examples of these might be fashion blogs or, everyone’s favourite, Martin’s Money Tips – which, although not precisely a dear diary style blog is nonetheless a regular, independent update from a very credible money expert.

Why Do You Need A Blog Article Writing?

OK, so now you get exactly what a blog is, what the hell has that got to do with selling stuff? Easy, it is open and honest opinions without the cheesy salesman’s foot in your door. Blogs are where people go to get the low down form the horse’s mouth. When you find someone whose opinion you value, you tend to stick with them. In marketing we realised that this “word of mouth” marketing was as important as this style of advertising has ever been.

Understanding What Blog Writers Can For For Your Business

Independent bloggers can either be brand ambassadors (the marketing jargon way of saying “on your side”) or they can utterly destroy your reputation. Many companies understand the importance of offering this more human face to their operation. Corporate blogs (without feeling corporate) are essentially a 24 hour advice hotline for your products and services. They can talk specifically about your products or possibly around related subjects but the one thing that makes a popular blog is one that has strong, confident opinions and is not afraid to share them.

Why Well Written Blogs Work

Popular blogs gather followers. As new blog posts are published the followers are notified so they can always stay up to date. Blog followers can also share your posts with other people and so you can suddenly find yourself not only talking to all of your blog followers, but all of their followers too. Don’t live under the impression that having a blog involves a massive time and commitment level form you… it doesn’t, that why you get people like us to write the for you.

The Website Weight Gain™ Blog Writing Service

The Website Weight Gain Program™ is as relevant to blog article writing as it is to website content writing. Both forms of writing are designed to be discovered on the search engines as well as being shared by visitors and readers alike. But, more importantly, a WWG blog is designed to encourage people to do something right their and then, whether that be to make an enquiry, leave a personal comment, or take up a time sensitive sales offer immediately.

The Perfect Blog Writer For Your Business

Our Web Weight Gain writers are carefully selected from a range of demographic and age ranges so we can always put the correct writer together with your brand. If you sell products to the over 60s, we have the writer for you. Likewise, if you are focusing on young adults under 20, we have the perfect writer for the job, rather than supplying you with a writer twice the ideal age with English as their second language. Speak to us today about blog article writing and we’ll put and offsite content writing plan in place for you.

Great blogs build trust.