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Online Article Writing

Online article writing is essential because you also have to go out and find customers

What Do People Want To Read On The Internet?

People* use the Internet to search for credible advice and seriously high quality online article writing.

When you consider that there are billions of webpages it seems obvious that you cannot expect people to just accidentally stumble across your website. This is not how the Internet works. Even the biggest companies NEVER put all their eggs in the same Internet basket – that would be madness. Therefore they make sure that their company is not tied to only one location (their website). Instead they can be found on and via many different webpages.

Editorial Provides The Best PR

Big business has known the value of great PR for years. Let’s face it, Max Clifford would be a pauper if press coverage wasn’t taken so seriously. Editorial, whether in a newspaper, TV, Radio or an online article written for a website is a way of reading the comments of an independent and balanced expert without feeling someone is trying to sell you something. Online article writing ensures potential customers have a fun, entertaining, memorable or informative way of learning about a subject. So, if you are looking to see which is the best value laptop on the market, you will probably read a series of news articles, blog posts and customer reviews. This is how online articles drive website visitors and sales.

The Power Of Recommendation

Often some of the best leads that websites get are referrals from other web pages. It means someone has seen you mentioned favourably on a webpage and either clicked a link or remembered your name. These people may be looking for specific advice on a product or service or may have come across a recommendation and decided to investigate you further. Website visitors can be at any number of different stages within a buying cycle and so the days of ignoring “tyre kickers” are well and truly over. A half serious person browsing your website is vital to your business. Modern customers will take as long as they like to make an informed decision and you have to ensure your website is perfectly written to answer any questions or objections your visitors may have.

Why Your Business Needs To Stand Out From The Crowd

There are countless informative websites out there that specialise in specific subject matters. There will also be plenty that cover your own products and services categories. Most of them are crying out for regular content to publish online, free of charge. That’s why so many companies these days are supplying articles to be published away from their own websites. This is very much like conducting a leaflet or direct mail campaign and here at Website Weight Gain™ we are experts at putting together articles that people love to read and that drive visits to your website.

You Don’t Have To Pump Out Web Articles At A Rate Of Ten A Day

Now that everyone is talking about semantic search (Google intelligently understanding the nature of your question rather than an automated response) you are in a great position for getting content high up on the search engines simply by ensuring that you have better quality content than your competitors’ web pages. This also means that you don’t have to be throwing out fifty articles a week just to stand a chance. Google is now your best friend. All you have to do is provide the best, most interesting and eye opening answers. This is what we do best at the Website Weight Gain Program™.

Great online articles ensure loyal customers.

*(note that we never refer to a website visitor as a “user” – these are real people we are talking about)