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Website Writing Services

Planning and writing your website

Assign The Correct Person To Write Your Website

Your content is your website, not the design, make sure the right person writes it. Whatever you do, do not pass the website writing job off onto “Brian in Accounts” because he does a bit of website stuff in his spare time. You know in your heart this is not an effective approach. We do, however, understand how and why those sorts of decisions have been made in the past. These days the Internet has come of age but many companies are woefully unprepared and end up flitting from one website project to the next without addressing the real issue… your website content.


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Navigation Planning

Need Help With Your Website Navigation Planning? There are things called “mind mapping” and “wireframing“. Part of the semantic side of this research area is used to understand how people use association and the visual parts of their brains to navigate websites. It is an essential planning stage for your website. To understand the methodology here just answer a couple of simple questions:


1. You have arrived at a stranger’s front door. Go inside and retrieve a toothbrush. Where will you go?
2. Where is the Sports Page in a newspaper?


Most people answer in a very similar way:

1. Upstairs in the bathroom.
2. The back page.


This is because you are using mind mapping to assume where something should be. Understanding where everyone else thinks something should be is one of the ways we are able to plan such great websites. We also have other methods which are top secret and will only be shared if you hire us to either write your website or train you on how to write and plan your own.


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Years Of Website Writing Experience

A seriously good website writing service Over the years we have helped hundreds of companies develop websites they are both proud of and that also drive business. Writing for websites is a skill that requires a great commercial knowledge of how to talk to customers and also, how to talk to search engines.


How Do You Know If A Website Is Well Written Or Not?

How well written is your website?This is very easy to test yourself. You “just know”. Websites interact with the most important defining feature of the human race… language. Everyone uses their language all day everyday and so, if the writing is poor, it will leave the wrong impression. It may not be that the writing itself a BIG turn off. Rather it may simply be a case of leaving your website visitors uninspired, under nourished and uninformed. There is no way that a few formulaic paragraphs full of “ad-speak” or an over-fluffy/over-familiar writing style are going to do the job. A well written website glows with personality and helpfulness.


Stronger Website Writing By The Most Talented Writers

All of our professional writers have at least ten years experience Unlike other Content Writing Services, here at the Website Weight Gain Program™ we will assess your needs, listen to your thoughts and then provide you with a strategic plan. We won’t give you some vague (over-priced) hourly rate. We won’t farm the work out to a content sweatshop where web writing is thrown together without any thought. Instead, you will be given a package price and a timescale for delivery. You don’t need to be just down the road, we work globally and if you need a face to face meeting, that’s just fine, it’s what Skype was invented for.


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Great website writing comes from great relationships.